Hannah I am a designer: Solving problems through creativity, communication and order

I love to get my hands on a mess – be it a confusing website, a challenging email, or a cluttered file system. Two questions I ask at the beginning are “what is the problem we are solving?” and “what’s the best way to get to a solution?” Once you know the end goal, the rest falls into place. With several years of experience as a graphic and web designer under my belt, I started my own business, Ink & Serif, in 2014. Blending my love of design with my love of drawing, my expertise range from branding and layout to hand-lettering and drawing.

When I’m not busy solving problems or drawing, you can find me at one of my other loves: dancing, exploring, recycling, calligraphy, or riding my motorcycle, Jack.

Whether you know exactly what you want, you have a problem you need help solving, or want some artwork for your walls, send me an email and we can chat.

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